Global Milenial Multimedia

We are an innovative firm specializing in communication solutions, digital media and cyber security consultancy services

Communication Solutions

Target the right audiences, get your messages across multiple media platforms and monitor the impact of your messages

Digital Media

Our news portal seeks to offer news coverage focusing on the cyber industry

Cyber Security Consultant

Our cyber security specialists can help you recognize overall security needs, cyber vulnerabilities and threats

Communication solutions: What we Do

We offer a comprehensive range of communications services and solutions to streamline your projects and bring them into reality.

Media Relations & Management

Our specialists will work with you to design strategic and refinedmessages, visions,and missions in a deliverable, credible format for media presentation.

Strategic Communications

Our aim is to work with you, elevating your goals and campaigns to stand out from the rest. We take a personalized, tailored approach with the long-term in mind, departing from common, generic results.

Crisis Management and Advocacy Strategies

Our team can execute innovative and more traditional strategies in both issue advocacy and reputation management.

Media Monitoring

We offer an aggregate measurement for the “PR value”of any publications pushing stories about our clients in accordance with comprehensive rate cards of media placement forall major news organizations in Indonesia.

Media Training

Meeting journalists isn’t always easy, especially if weighty issues are in play or if one is in need of further preparation.

Brand Building & Activations

People nowadays don’t simply buy products, they buy the brand -a comprehensive understanding of representation, meaning and value, as well as a physical product or service.

Creative Writing

We understand that, sometimes,telling your message must be done with a”soft selling” narrative craft, and other times the message requires a more educative, inspiring story that doesn’t fall into a”hard selling”category

Digital & Social Media Engagement

Our team willconnect you withthe right influencers to create social media buzz andamplify awareness aroundyour brands.

Our Communication Solution

Target the right audiences, get your messages across multiple media platforms and monitor the impact of your messages.Backed by veteran corporate communication professionals and media practitioners, our suite of integrated tools and services is designed to help you tell your story, engage media, investors, as well as all of your related stakeholders.

Our team is experienced in providing consultation services for corporations, industry associations, as well as public sector bodies, able to address varying communications-related platforms. These include media relations and media management, strateg0ic communication, creative writing, media monitoring, crisis management and advocacy strategies, media training, brand building and activation, and digital and social media engagement.




Weunderstand there is a needat timesfor media placement, a directmeans of communication designed at the most competitive rate. Our advertising division knows how to optimize placement foryour ad messageson various mediaplatforms, including television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and news portals,at cut-rate prices compared to industry standards.


Our team has a strong track record in creating and developing eventsof any size, be it aseminar, a focus group, conferences, orconventions. We not only offerplanning and direction on budget management, scheduling,and vendors, weare able tocraft the most up-to-date event themes in order todrawpublic interest as well as mediaattention.

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